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  • omoigoto

    Written by Cocco

    2007.8.15 Release

    • ¥1,260 (tax in)
    • Mainichi Shimbun
  • Mainichi Shimbun serial lasting for one year which brought great reputations.
    Released as a book together with photos taken by Cocco in her home town Okinawa.

    The hill of Dugongs, American Futenma military base, The Cornerstone of Peace,The Himeyuri Memorial, Family, Loss, Song, Mates, Flowers, Tomorrow, Wilderness,As long as I can keep my life going, Love, Dreams ……
    Cocco's prayer with the photographs of Okinawa

    We are all born for the purpose of being loved.
    However the truth is this.
    We dedicate our lives to the simple task of loving somebody.
    ~from Text~