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8.15 OKINAWA Cocco
  • 8.15 OKINAWA Cocco

    photographs by nanaco

    2006.12.21 Release

    • ¥3,990 (tax in)
    • Japan Broadcast Publishing Co.,Ltd.
  • This photo book is composed with live photos from Cocco's live show“Cocco Okinawa GOMI-ZERO Project One Man Live Special 2006”which was held on August 15th, 2006.
    Cocco's feelings put into the songs are condensed to 138 beautiful photographs.

    From the stage photograph where the throb feeling overflows beautifully,you can feel the light of Cocco filled with the glitter of love.

    August 15th, 2006
    From the night sky of the south island,
    the light came down from Cocco, singing and praying
    For those who Cocco loved,
    For Okinawa where Cocco loved
    It was so beautiful
    The time of flow at the live is recorded in this photo book
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